How is this pronounced?
ÄR is the phonetic spelling of the word, "our."
What is ÄR ZINE?
ÄR ZINE is a multi-media self-publication that releases quarterly print issues. It covers all things arts and culture in the women, POC, LGBTQ+ community, and many more. It's a safe space for artists to explore themselves and create unfiltered content they wouldn't usually work on in their designated fields of art.
How do I buy an issue?
ÄR ZINE printed issues are currently only available in the immediate NYC area as it's hand delivered. However, digital copies are available for purchase! To buy an issue click here, and fill out the form.
How often is content released online?
We try to publish new digital content once a week!
What type of content is published?
Content ranges from personal essays to entertainment reviews to opinion articles to artist spotlights. It's just about anything you can imagine! 
How do I contribute to the next issue of ÄR ZINE?
A call for submissions is released ~two months before the issue is planned for release. The call is posted on all är social media accounts as well as the website. Keep an eye out for it and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram! 
I don't identify as a woman, POC, or LGBTQ+, can I still contribute?
Yes of course! We are open to all contributors; although we focus on women, POC, & LGBTQ+ persons and hold their voices priority!
Is there a certain skill level needed to contribute?
NO! ALL LEVELS OF EXPERIENCE ARE WELCOME TO SUBMIT! The whole mission behind ÄR ZINE is that it is a safe place for people to explore themselves creatively and grow. No idea is too small!